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Alton Christian Spiritualist Church combining Spiritualism and Christianity

Church Beliefs


Alton Christian Spiritualist Church combines Spiritualism and Christianity, believing they are a perfect match.


We embrace areligion that directs us to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Our teachings are taken from the Bible and also from the Messages of Zodiac, the Spirit Guide of a most sensitive and devoted medium Winifred Moyes; Zodiac tells us he was a teacher and scribe in the temple at Jerusalem, at the time of Christ and we believe this to be wholly possible - mediumship allows such.


Alton Christian Spiritualist Church melds Spiritualism with Christianity delivering the reassurance that ressurrection is the great gift from the Creator to all life: death being both an ending and a beginning. The Trinity is greatly revered but we also propound the truth that God is more than three. God is in and around all things, there is no part of anything, anywhere that is not of God.


Unlike many Spiritualist Churches, we have Bible readings every week, as well as a reading from the New Revelation, The Zodiac Messages. Miss Winifred Moyes was a medium of the highest calibre and, through her dedicated mediumship, instructions/teachings were given over a period of thirty plus years, bringing a new insight into the continuity of life and Christ's place in our lives.


Mediumship is as old as time: there is no function without it as it manifests through all creation.


Sixty years ago Mrs Olive Pybus founded the Alton Christian Spiritualist Church and dedicated herself to upholding its truths. She was a remarkable women who had to fight many battles against much prejudice from the established church and other sources. She did not fail through all the years to keep our church alive.


The church engages in charitable giving, currently the Smile Train, the Red Cross and the British Legion. Other organisations local , national and international have received practical and monetary gifts for many years.


Our membership continues to grow and our members are renowned for their loyalty, generosity and kindness in supporting all that we do.


Betty Redwood President/Secretary
Judith Rogers VicePresident/Treasurer
Lynne Curtis Medium Secretary
Nerina Dannatt Membership Secretary & Committee member.
Mary Andrews Trustee & Committee member
Rob Harvey Trustee & Committee member
Paul Curtis Trustee
Steve Liggett Committee member
Brian Redwood Trustee & Committee member


















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Written By Kate Price